Chapter: The S in DICKS Page: Starman

3rd Jun 2023, 11:07 PM



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Author Notes

3rd Jun 2023, 11:07 PM
I don’t know how to feel about this art, but consider it experimental.

I have the initial drive to draw a “cool” pose from Jirachi, but then I decided to use the crosshatch detail for filling stuff in. And then, I decided to do the same for the background.

Now, if I assume the intent of making the art “look cool,” then I’ve failed it. There’s a cool pose, but the coloring and detail of the portrait adds nothing to the “coolness” of the pose. This color scheme is more or less associated with a kids’ coloring book of all things, and babby-coloring does not agree with cool-posing. Maybe this is all just perception and opinion in my part, but I’m willing to listen to feedback about how I’d change the coloring scheme :)



4th Jun 2023, 3:49 AM
Jurachi seems pretty jazzed about something.
It has the optical illusion of Jurachi shrinking into a visual pocket dimension despite being the focus of the piece.
Normally I see crosshatching diag or horizontal, with vertical added for fine hatching. Or done in a way that's trying to accentuate a shape or a curve. But I mean, crosshatching itself is a fascinating study subject that is surprisingly deep because people realized it's basically using the way the visual cortex processes information to create imaginary detail and shapes and lighting in otherwise more simple drawings.